The Gecko-Cafe is run by the Mohan family, especially by two of the four sons, on their private land.

Mani was born in 1982 in Mamallapuram as the eldest four brothers. After 10 years of schooling he would have loved to continue with his studies, but he needed to get work for family reasons. After several different jobs in 2002 he entered the hospitality business, and worked as a waiter in the French-owned Nautilus in Mamallapuram. There he gained experience with foreign guests and, within a short period of time, learned to speak English well. He also began to help out in the kitchen as a cook. He acquired his beginner German language skills at the the Goethe Institute in Chennai. Mani has travelled throughout Goa, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Himachal Pradesh and Ladakh.In 2009 he spent 6 weeks in Germany. At his stay he visited Dresden, Berlin and the small island of Hiddensee at the Baltic Sea as well as went for a daytrip to see Prague. He is always eager to share his travel experiences with his guests. He loves Cricket passionately, as well as movies and music.

Baskar was born 1988 as the 3rd son of the Mohans. He has a college-degree in food preparation and thus is one of the few trained cooks in Mamallapuram. He openly shares his passion for cooking with guests, even giving away his recipes. When he is not working in the kitchen, Baskar loves to play cricket or watch cricket matches on TV.

»Our biggest desire is for our guests to leave the café happy and return again gladly. With our experience as life-long inhabitants of Mamallapuram, we are always there to help with advice and service.«


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