On the way from Mamallapurams shopping street to the seashore temple, you stroll through the side streets and come across a funny house with two palmtrees growing right through its red tiled roof. There one finds the little Gecko-Cafe on the second story under the roof. Sitting in the shade you can enjoy the impressive lake view, watch kingfishers and other animals and relax with a cool fresh-pressed pineapple juice.

The airy rooftop-cafe offers homemade vegetarian and non-vegetarian Indian and European dishes. Naturally, you can also enjoy the freshest fish and seafood. No matter what you choose, at least one gecko always will be watching, because they are serious about being the café’s namesakes and they compete with the antiques and the décor for your attention. We have 20 bamboo chairs and if you are lucky you can grab the sofa to hang out with excellent service, refreshing drinks, great food, wonderful views and cool music in a relaxing space.

By the way: despite being so close to the lake, there are amazingly few mosquitos to pester you in the Cafe.


Gecko Café | No.14 Othavadai Cross Street | Mamallapuram 603104 | Tamil Nadu, India | open 7 am - 10 pm     |     HOME
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